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just out of interest... how did you get addicted to H? when did you first start using and why?

Well I started using oxys at age 17 and that progressed to heroin later on, come off anon and I’ll go into more details

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what rehab did you go to ?


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So glad I found your page. Congrats on the thirty days clean.!! My bf and I were torn apart by heroin. I realized I don't know who he is anymore. want him to be clean.,So he can be the guy I remember before we got involved. I'm 7 days. It's so hard hiding it. Staying w my grandma now. Is this what happened with you guys. Is he clean? I just want to know what happened so I can do something for him and keep myself clean. Thanx for the support

This is a tough one..first off I want to congratulate you on wanting to get clean! Unfortunately Your bf has to be willing to change. You cannot make him do anything And it sucks but someone will not change for you. They can only change for themselves and he may not be ready for that. Me and my ex are no longer together and I have not talked to him in a while so I am not sure if he is clean or not but I knew I had to let him go in order for me to keep my sanity and stay clean. Sometimes letting people go to work on yourself is the best thing you can do but I know that’s easier said then done. I wish you the best

She thought the drugs helped her find herself but in reality she lost herself even more.
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