Not sure what to do after rehab..

My god you tempt my anxious mind.. It takes me away
Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.
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Faith is simply reaching for things yet unseen.
Willing to believe in impossible dreams.

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Goodbye Heroin

Wrote this a while ago but Thought I would share it now… I’m addicted to a drug that many dare not try and for those who do are hooked first time. It’s a drug that numbs all pain while silently causing you much more. It grabs a hold of you and pulls you down to the scariest, darkest, and most miserable place you will ever go. It is one of the loneliest drugs I’ve tried, no matter whose around I feel alone and desperate for a way out. It tricks you.. Makes you think if you do more then it will help you feel better. Even clean it causes pain, constantly on your mind, brain trying to make you think that you can do it just one more time and things will be fine. They won’t though. It will just take you 100 steps backward. This addiction doesn’t care who you are. It will suck your life dry until you finally choose to do something about it. Sadly many people don’t but I’m proud to say I made a change and I’m learning each day how to cope with this addiction and learning that even my worst days sober are still better then my best days high. It’s a hard and a long journey but with my higher power I know I will make it through this. There are better things ahead for me and for anyone with addiction. Please know you can get help, it’s never too late!